The NEW WAY to Control Mosquitoes

Being family owned and locally operated, we care about spending time outside in our community.  That’s why we developed a two-part system that guarantees we’ll win the battle against mosquitoes.

  1. We install Kid, Pet & Bee-Friendly Mosquito Traps
  2. We apply a Professional Grade Repellent on your first visit

We’ll’ go to battle so you can enjoy your outdoor space again.

Here’s How We Give Mosquitoes the 1 – 2 Punch

  1. Our Hidden Trap Lures ‘Em In

For the “long game”, we offer the In2Care® Mosquito Trap,
a pet-friendly canister that combines science and design to combat the Aedes mosquitoes.  This species is resistant to chemical insecticides and carries Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever and Zika virus.

  • This trap is the first to employ ‘auto-dissemination’, a fancy term meaning that the mosquito compound adheres to the adult and is transferred to all breeding sites through the female
  • These innovative ingredients eliminate both mosquito adults and larvae for long term population reduction
  • This eco-friendly option allows kids, pets, and pollinators to enjoy your lawn
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See How it Works

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  1. Our Barrier Spray Knocks 'Em Out

The In2Care® traps do a fantastic job of reducing future mosquito populations, but that sort of science take time.  So on our first visit, we’ll take care of the current pests with our barrier spray.

  • We Spray to repel adult mosquitoes where they hide, such as tree branches, shrubs, and shady areas
  • We treat un-drainable standing water with larvicide to stop eggs from hatching
  • If you experience biting mosquitoes in between visits, you can request and additional spray

*BONUS* No more Deet, expensive mist systems or unsightly propane tanks.

Please note: We never spray pollinators.  Also, the mosquito control treatment cannot prevent mosquitoes from flying onto your lawn from a neighbor’s house, or spawning within days due to heavy rains.

Mosquito Control Your Way

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We’re here to accommodate your needs and create a customized mosquito control solution on a more ala care basis as well.

  • If budget is a concern or you’re in need of an immediate solution, our barrier spray is a quick, economic option
  • If superior protection for the environment is your goal, the In2Care® Trap is the best choice
  • If you want the most comprehensive mosquito control that Lake Conroe Pest Control can provide, it’s our 1-2 Punch which includes both barrier spray for immediate control and the In2Care® Trap for long-term population control


In2Care Trap
Initial Barrier Spray
Treatment Duration 28 days n/a
Time to Take Effect 2 – 4 weeks Immediately
Guaranteed Results
Eliminates Larvae
Special Even Treatments n/a
Addresses Multiple Breeding Sites
Child & Pet Friendly
Safety Wait Period 0 minutes 60 minutes
Bee & Pollinator Friendly
Reduces Future Populations
Uses Nature & Science
Environmentally Superior